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TVNC JOB POSTING TVNC is seeking applications for a technical coordinator.

TVNC SPEAKING NOTES A transcript of a presentation made by TVNC at CRTC hearings into Third National Networks.

FAMILY PICWhat is TVNC? General Information on Television Northern Canada; History; and TVNC's position paper (1995).COMPASS PICWhat's New at TVNC? Check out Northlink, TVNC's monthly newsletter; view Press Releases issued by TVNC; as well as information on Drum Communications and other TVNC initiatives.
CAMERAMAN PICWho is TVNC? TVNC broadcasts programming produced by TVNC's 12 member producers including a territorial government, three educational institutions and Aboriginal communications organizations.TELEVISION PICWhat's on TVNC? A current schedule of programs on TVNC as well as details about member programming. Check out the Fall/Winter 1997 schedule!
Can I see your programming? A marketing page containing videos of our programming. For further marketing, consult internet marketing Toronto. Have a look. LINKS PICGreat links for aboriginal people, particularly those involved in television. Get info on: training programs, e-learning development, scholarships and funding sources Also, check out our exhaustive list of aboriginal and northern internet links.
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