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Other Northern Links

Welcome to Nunavik - This is a new site launched September 1996 that is a pilot project to connect all of northern Quebec (Nunavik) to the Internet. There are northern links on this site as well as information on the project itself and general informatin on Nunavik.

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Nunatsiaq News - This excellent site not only allows you to view current and back issues of this northern newspaper, the iste also has a phot gallery section, a kids page and speical reports.

YukonWeb - Are you planning a trip to the Yukon? Want to know more about the area? Check out this site for information on the arts, travel and tourism, business and government services.

Yukon - This is another site about the Yukon that contains such information as daily weather updates, history and geography of the Yukon area.

Northwest Territories - This is the web site of the Government of the NWT. You can go on a tour or the Northwest Territories, get information on individual communities, adventure fishing and hunting trips, museums, exhibits and other interesting resources.

Nunavut - Here is the site for the new territory of Nunavut, which will come into existence in 1999. Check out this site for maps, land claims agreement and general information about Nunavut. There's also information on the Nunavut Implementaiton Commission.

The Nunavut Handbook - If you're planning to travel in the eastern Arctic, this may be a helpful guide. The site has some on-line information and samples from the handbook.

Canadian Polar Commission - The Canadian Polar Commission is a corporation that was created to monitor the state of polar knowledge in Canada and elsewhere. Learn about its mandate, description and organization.

Northern Country Arts - Collectors of Inuit art around the world can now view the latest tigi creations on this site that covers information on Inuit artists and their work.

Arctic Circle - Arctic Circle seeks to expand knowledge of the Circumpolar North to a wide audience. Discussions are held revolving around three broad themes: natural resources, history and culture; social equality and environmental justice.

Other Aboriginal Links

Canada's Native People - Here you can find general information about northern Native people including information on Nunavut, Inuit art, maps of the Eastern Arctic, Arctic archaeology.

First Nations - This site has a wealth of information on other Aboriginal resources in various categories including: arts, society, entertainment, education and government. This site has resources on Canada's Aboriginal people as well as Aboriginal people in the U.S.

Canadian Aboriginal Super Information Highway - Find out up-to-date information on Canadian Aboriginal issues, Aboriginal organizations, events, art galleries, businesses and careers.

Institute of Indigenous Government - This site contains information on the Institute, which is an independent degree-granting First Nation public institution providing accredited specialized programs. It is also the only place to download The Final Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, which was released in December 1996.

Aboriginal Voices - If you haven't seen this magazine yet, it's time to check it out. It's a high quality arts and culture magazine that has stories on music, theatre, literature and much more. This site contains back and current issues.

Native Web - This compreshensive site has an events calender for Aboriginal events, a discussion forum and even links for people searching ther native genealogy.

Aboriginal Youth Network - A cool site for all the latest info on job opportunities, community events as well as art and literature by Aboriginal youth.

Native American Authors - For literary buffs, you can search your favourite aboriginal authors by name, book title and nation.

Aboriginal Arts and Culture - A good site for numerous links to sites on aboriginal art, music, crafts, galleries, traditional knowledge, literature and language.

Spirit of Aboriginal Enterprises - A site that showcases aboriginal business and has information on all aspects of trade and business including a section for young aboriginal entrepreneurs. Systems Ltd.

Abenaki Associates - This is the site of an Aboriginal-owned computer-based company. Besides information on the company, this site also provides links to educational software and lists Aboriginal Businesses that export (of which TVNC is included).

Native Investment and Trade Association (NITA) - This Aboriginal association offers conference planning expertise, especially to Aboriginal organizations. This site lists past conferences held as well as upcoming ones and how to get more information.

Native Cyber Trade - This American-based site is owned by Atiin, an Aboriginal telecommunictions company specializing in web services, consulting and training on new technology.

Aboriginal Communications Resources - Links to sites on aboriginal newspapers, magazines and broadcasters.

More Aboriginal Links - Here is another exhaustive list arranged by category such as media, education, tribe. The majority of information here is from south of the border.

Australian Aborigines - Find out about Australia's Aborigines; their art, culture and politics.

Abya Yala - This web site provides insight into the lives of Indigineous people in Mexico and South America

Other TVNC Suggested Links

Cancom - Cancom stands for Canadian Satellite Communications Inc. It is a satellite distribution network that provides Canadian and American satellite packages.

CRTC Home Page - The Canadian Radio Telecommunications Commission regulates the Canadian broadcasting and telecommunications industry. The home page contains public notices, decisions and news releases.

Heritage Canada Page - TVNC and its members get much of their funding from the Federal Department of Canadian Heritage.

NWT Social Studies Links - Here you'll find a page of links to many pages about the North, Aboriginals, and much more.

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